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Resurrection Campus - Sanctuary

Stewardship Commission


All Stewardship is based on awareness that all we have is given to us by God.  Our reflection, our decisions and our giving must always begin with gratitude for all that God has provided us.

Stewardship is a way of life.  It is our daily response to God's love.  We are called to be good stewards of all God's gifts:  our bodies, our skills, our time, our financial resources and the earth itself.

Giving to God through the church is central to our faith.  Jesus spoke of money and treasure more than anything else.  We celebrate our abundance by joyfully giving back out of what God has given us.

EXTRAVAGANT GENEROSITY is Resurrection Episcopal Church's Financial Stewardship Program.

The elements of the 2014 Program were:

Kickoff Sunday, Oct 6th there will be weekly letters, handouts and sermons.  The purpose of these materials is to stimulate your prayerful consideration of your abundance and your gifts.

Heart Cards will be distributed before the service each week to provide us the opportunity to express what we love about our church, its people and programs, and our hopes for our future together.  Heart Cards will be posted on bulletin boards.

Parish Meeting, November 3rd.  After church in the Parish Hall, we will discuss our accomplishments in 2013 and our hopes for 2014.  Hospitality will be provided.

Commitment Sunday, November 10th.  During church we will turn in our pledge cards to be blessed by Mother Carrie.  After the service there will be a make up meeting and hospitality in the Parish Hall.

Pledge Cards will be made available at the Parish Meeting.  This is our chance to make a financial promise to support our church and its programs for 2014.

The Tithe is a promise well established in the Bible, to return to God the first 10% of your income.  Tithing is known to be very spiritually satisfying.

Proportional Giving is a way to build your giving up to the level of the tithe.  Each year add a percent or two of your income to your previous gift until you reach the tithe.



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